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Students are young, energetic, informed and enterprising. Our learning programs are equipped with tools and approaches that enable them to channelize their potential for the benefit of self, and for the organizations they will serve. We have positioned our programs to compliment the contribution of the academics to build an empowered workforce of the future.

We deliver the following programs at campus:

1. Long term Professional skills certification (2 to 4 years):
A certification program that comprises of six courses, engages students in a skill building process throughout their academic life. This long term approach gives students ample time to master skills that are relevant to industry or organization of their choice. Each course is rigorous and comprises of the following components:

Courses are delivered by competent and certified facilitators who usually have years of industry and corporate experience. We work closely with the leadership team of the institution to determine a workable delivery plan and a credit awarding plan for certification.

2. Short term programs: